photo taken:  8 / 05

N. alata X maxima
purchase date: 7 / 05
arrived as a small rooted cutting
plant origin: Sunbelle Exotics
photo taken:  6 / 06

Nepenthes alata X N. maxima is a hybrid between those two highland species. Both species are very common and easy to grow. They make great plants to hybridize with because the offspring tends to be very tolerant of different growing conditions while adding interesting color combinations. I received my plant as a bonus plant from Sunbelle Exotics when I purchased some other Nepenthes and Sarracenias from them. This hybrid looks like both parents. The peristome looks very N. maxima-like and the bulbous pitcher body comes right from N. alata. I'm growing this guy outdoors and should have no problems with this hybrid. I suspect that it should be a quick grower that will need to be cut back periodically like my other N. maxima crosses. I don't know if this plant is widely available because I haven't sought it out. Since both parents are very common, I would suspect that this hybrid is available. Where the original hybrid was cultivated is unknown to me. Whatever the case, it is a charming plant that I'm glad to add to my collection.

highlander (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy; should be an excellent outdoor specimen
Market availability: rooted cuttings
Species variability: probably differences between original seed grown plants
$ / size: inexpensive; $20.00 and up for large plants 
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown