N. campanulata X N. veitchii
purchase date: 8 / 05
arrived as a large plant
plant origin: Malesiana Tropicals
photo taken:  8 / 05

Nepenthes campanulata X N. veitchii is hybrid I don't know that much about. This was the first hybrid using N. campanulata that I've seen. I stumbled on this plant at Hortus Botanicus and decided to give it a try. There wasn't a photo so I had no idea what I was getting. This plant arrived as a very large plant! About a foot across. The leaves definitely indicated it was a lowlander. I had no room indoors to grow this large plant so it has been grown outdoors. I'm hoping the N. veitchii in it will allow it to be grown as an intermediate. I grow N. campanulata outdoors but it definitely likes warmer conditions. So far it survived transplant shock. I left the rootball intact in the peat moss mix when I potted it up. I usually use pure sphagnum, but I try not to disturb the roots when I first get a new plant to avoid stress in my lower humidity conditions. The grower told me it took some time before the plant developed the coloration you see now. It has the N. campanulata pitcher shape but with the N. veitchii peristome. This hybrid would do just fine in typical lowland conditions. During winter when the temperatures hit the low 30's F for a few nights, this plant suffered. Leaves blackened on the edges and it stressed out. But it didn't die. So it looks like this hybrid can be grown as an intermediate fairly easily if needed. 

lowlander to intermediate (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: moderate outdoors at this time, probably easy if grown as a typical lowlander
Market availability: large plants; very limited to stock from Malesiana Tropicals
Species variability: possible variants among seed grown plants
$ / size: moderate $35.00 
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: male