photo taken 7/04

photo of an upper pitcher (photo taken 11 / 06)

N. copelandii
purchase date: 12 / 01
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: unsure, CP Jungle, probably Borneo Exotics
photo taken: 11 / 04

N. copelandii "Pasia"
purchase date: 6 / 06
arrived as a large plant
plant origin: Borneo Exotics
photo taken: 11 / 06

Nepenthes coplandii, or copelandii--don't know which spelling is correct is a species that was lost and rediscovered. There isn't a whole lot of information available yet on this species. The plant originates from the Philippines and I'm not exactly sure if it's considered a highland, lowland, or an intermediate. I've found some information at the Borneo Exotics website and that's about it. They had several photos of the plant so I decided to give it a try. Of course it was much more expensive then! Prices have come down on this plant while the overall size has increased. This plant is a moderate grower that I have had no problems with. It's adapted nicely to outdoor conditions without ill-effect. Upper pitchers tend to be less colorful but more funnel shaped. Some growers like the uppers better than the lowers. As of late, there's another variety of  N. copelandii called "Pasian" that has more vivid red striping and a bulbous base as you can see from the photo above. I have two of them and one of the plants doesn't have quite as bulbous of a base as the one above. I was told from the vendor that the Pasian varieties he had were seed grown from Borneo Exotics so there may be some subtle differences. Right now my Pasians haven't produced any upper pitchers yet to compare to my other N. copelandii. This species is an easy grower and very hardy.

intermediate / highlander 700m-1200m

Cultivation: easy; moderate grower outdoors, never tried indoors under lowland conditions, hardy
Market availability: size 3, rooted cuttings and larger plants
Species variability: Pasian and typical that  I'm aware of 
$ / size:  moderate to expensive $25.00 and up for larger specimen plants
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: male (typical varitety)