photo taken 4 / 05

photo taken:  5 / 06

N. jacquelineae x izumiae
purchase date: 4 / 05
arrived as a large size 3
plant origin: Borneo Exotics
photo taken:  6 / 07

Nepenthes jacquelineae x izumiae is a naturally occurring hybrid that recently became available. As I recall,  N. jacquelineae was first released from seed grown plants a few years back. Those plants went extremely quickly. It turned out that some of those seed grown plants had differences among them. There were obvious color variants within the species. Some were more green or red than others. From what I heard, some of the plants were totally different looking altogether. So some of the seed that was believed to be N. jacquelineae turned out to be this hybrid! That can be a problem for seed grown plants especially if you pay a lot of money for a species and it turns out to be a hybrid. I remember seeing a photo at Tony's website Exotic Plants Plus and really wasn't that impressed with the plant. It was small back then. As I was browsing Borneo's site, I saw that it was available and decided to try one. I was amazed when I received this plant! Not only the size but the beauty. It really is a striking hybrid. The peristome isn't as flared as with the jacquelineae, but the shape is similar. The coloration is nice blend between both species although the predominant dark coloration derives from N. izumiae. Both parent plants I grow outdoors with ease and appear to be fairly quick growing for highlanders, especially N. jacquelineae. I've found that this hybrid is more vigorous growing than N. jacquelineae which is a fairly quick grower for a highlander. These plants may be a limited release if they were seed grown which means they will be expensive and hard to come by. However it is possible that Borneo Exotics may have several clones in tissue culture.


highlander (naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy grower outdoors; moderate to quick grower for a highlander
Market availability: size 3 to possible larger plants; limited to seed grown or possible tissue culture specimens from Borneo Exotics 
Species variability: some variance among seed grown plants to be expected
$ / size: expensive to collector's plant:  $80.00 and up
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown