N. jamban
purchase date: 05 / 09
arrived as a size 2 
plant origin: Borneo Exotics
photo taken:  07 / 09

Nepenthes jamban is a relatively newly introduced species as of 2009 from Borneo Exotics. There website lists that there are 12 different clones all available from tissue culture. It looks and grows similar to N. jacquelineae in a way. The pitchers are toilet bowl shaped and appear to be good moderate viney growers. I have a feeling that once they are established and get a little size to them they will vine and produce multiple shoots. This species seems to do well grown as a typical highlander and so far, the small tissue culture clones aren't too difficult to get acclimated. Prices were very expensive, as usual, for newly introduced species. However, prices are coming down and the overall size of available N. jambans is increasing. Hopefully within the next year this species will be more affordable as it is in tissue culture and widely available.   


Cultivation: appears to be a vigorous grower in highland conditions
Market availability: size 2 to size 3; available
Species variability: none that I've seen so far
$ / size: collector's plant: $100.00 and up depending on retailer
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown