Looks very similar to N. densiflora and N. diatas-photo taken 4/04

N. sp. "Kemiri"
purchase date: 12  / 02
arrived as a big size 2
plant origin: Nepenthes Nursery
photo taken: 8 / 04

This is a new unnamed species to my knowledge that probably was collected from Mt. Kemiri in Sumatra, hence the name. It comes from the same area that N. densiflora resides. In fact, it looks very similar to N. densiflora. This plant originated from the Nepenthes Nursery in Germany and that's about all I know of  it. I haven't seen any adult pictures of this plant and what it's supposed to turn into. My guess is that it should be very similar to N. densiflora which is a great Nepenthes anyway. In Charles Clarke's book "Nepenthes of Sumatra..." he has a species profile of N. densiflora with photos of upper pitchers that are orange striped and very different from the lowers. I'll have to wait and see if this species produces uppers like N. densiflora as well. It's a good little grower and I've had no problems with it. What I have noticed about N. densiflora and N. sp. "Kemiri" is that they have good initial growth and then slow down for a while. If you are successful growing N. densiflora, N. singalana, or N. diatas, you will have no trouble with this guy.

highlander 1700m-3000m

Cultivation: easy; moderate to slow grower, very similar to N. densiflora
Market availability: size 2 to possible size 3;  limited to the Nepenthes Nursery
Species variability:  none that I'm aware of, very closely related to N. densiflora and possibly N. diatas
$ / size: expensive;  $55.00 and up
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown