N. maxima X N. tobaica
purchase date: 8 / 03
arrived as a rooted cutting
plant origin: Frederik Meijer Gardens
photo taken 6 / 04

This hybrid is between N. maxima and N. tobaica which are both highlanders. I received this cutting in trade. I don't know much about this hybrid and how many other varieties of this particular plant are out there. It seems like an easy hybrid to create. To me, it's kind of ordinary with no outstanding characteristics. It's an easy grower that I don't pay enough attention to really. Maybe that's why it does so well! If this hybrid was available for sale I probably wouldn't even bother looking twice at it but I put it up just so growers can see what this plant looks like. Maybe as the plant grows larger, the bigger pitchers will be more dramatic and striking.

highlander (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy, moderated grower
Market availability: rooted cuttings, limited but probably fairly available, not much literature about this hybrid out there
Species variability: not sure, only one I've seen
$ / size: unsure, got on trade, parent species are very common so most likely a cheap hybrid
Cuttings: available for trade at times
Sex: female