lower pitcher

upper pitcher with nondescript coloration


N. maxima X ventricosa
purchase date: 5 / 00
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: California Carnivores
photo taken: 6 / 07

This hybrid is between two highland species; Nepenthes maxima and Nepenthes ventricosa. It seems to produce two different colored pitchers. The lowers have the maroon peristome and streaked pitchers while the uppers are pure green! They have no red whatsoever in them. This plant has flowered several times for me and is a male plant. It's a beautiful and vigorous hybrid that turned out to be a very nice plant. Last I looked it must have 7 or 8 growth points and keeps on going. It also roots readily from cuttings. A hybrid from Exotica Plants that has the same parent species is being marketed as N. X "Red Leopard" and is readily and looks exactly like this one. This hybrid is very easy to grow and a great starter plant outdoors.

highlander (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy; fairly quick grower for a highlander, great starter hybrid
Market availability: size 3 to rooted cuttings; common, similar to Exotica Plants hybrid "Red Leopard"
Species variability: maybe a little from the original seed grown plants but not much
$ / size: inexpensive; $15.00 -$25.00 depending on size of plant
Cuttings: available for trade at times
Sex: male plant
Notes: readily roots from cuttings and produces many basal shoots when cut back