N. spathulata (upper pitcher)
purchase date: 12 / 01
arrived as a rooted cutting (female)
plant origin: Exotica Plants
photo taken: 6 / 04

N. spathulata (lower pitcher)
purchase date: 12 / 02
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: Borneo Exotics
photo taken: 3 / 04

Nepenthes spathulata is a highland plant that produces a very nice maroon flared peristome and some large lower pitchers. The pitchers are generally green and contrast nicely with the dark red peristome. This plant also seems to be popular to hybridize with other Nepenthes. I have several hybrids that include Nepenthes spathulata. I have two plants that I grow pictured above. The plant from Exotica has never produced any lower pitchers. Only those uppers you see above. I've taken cuttings from that plant and it readily roots from them. I have had no trouble with this species and find it very easy to grow. It seems to be fairly available in many sizes from little guys up to and including rooted cuttings. I would consider this plant a next step plant for outdoors after N. ventricosa and N. maxima for example.

highlander 1500m-2100m

Cultivation: easy; moderate grower
Market availability: size 3, rooted cuttings, and possibly larger specimen plants; common
Species variability: none that I'm aware of other than locality names
$ / size: moderate, $35.00 and up depending on size and species locality
Cuttings: available at times for trade
Sex: both varieties are female