photo taken: 9 / 04

N. (tobaica X ovata) X N. veitchii
purchase date: 9 / 04
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: Exotica Plants
photo taken: 11 / 05

This hybrid is between N. tobaica and N. ovata as one of the primary parents. The other parent is the species N. veitchii. I grow this as a highlander outdoors. It originated from Exotica Plants where they create some of the best hybrids available. The peristome stays fairly flared out and that's one of the primary reasons I bought this plant. One of the photos from the Exotica website showed the pitchers as being fairly dark brown - red in color as I recall. For some reason I thought this hybrid stood out among the many they have at Exotica so I bought it. After pitchering, the pitchers remain very dark maroon as you can see. There is no visible striping that sometimes comes from N. veitchii as a parent. It's a pretty unique Nepenthes since there aren't that many really dark red to black Nepenthes available. It's been a hardy plant with no growing problems whatsoever. Since this is a fairly complex hybrid, this plant may be difficult to replicate.

highlander (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy; moderate grower
Market availability: size 3; somewhat limited, complex hybrid that may be difficult to duplicate
Species variability: possible color variations between seed grown plants
$ / size: moderate; $40.00 and up
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown