photo taken:  10 / 06

N. truncata X campanulata
purchase date: 4 / 06
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: Exotica Plants
photo taken:  10 / 07

Nepenthes truncata X N. campanulata is hybrid between two lowlanders by Exotica Plants. One adult gets extremely large, while N. campanulata is a relatively small growing Nepenthes. Photos from Exotica Plant's website show that the peristome is rather dark. It can be grown as a lowlander or intermediate from what I've heard. I was growing this hybrid as an indoor plant on a windowsill quite well until it outgrew the windowsill. I moved it below the window but it didn't receive enough light and started looking bad. It's growing outdoors under some shade cloth and doing real well. The leaves are getting real big and it looks a lot like a N. truncata. My biggest concern will be winter. I'll have to keep an eye on it to see how low of temperatures it will tolerate. Temperatures in the mid 40's should be no problem. But anything near 40 or lower for extended times will probably mean that I'll have to move it indoors for a spell.  

lowlander / intermediate / highlander? (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy as a windowsill plant, moderate grower as a houseplant, doing well outdoors as an intermediate
Market availability: size 3, large plants?; limited
Species variability: some between the different seed grown plants
$ / size: expensive $50.00 and up
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown