peristome showing some striping {photo take 02/04}

photo taken: 7 / 04

N. veitchii "Bau Lowland"
purchase date: 1 / 03
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: Malesiana Tropicals
photo taken: 6 / 06

As the name suggests, this species is one of the lowland versions of  N. veitchii. You can see the flaring of the peristome that N. veitchii is famous for. This variety tends to have a green peristome with an orangeish pitcher. The leaves are more elongated on this variety than my highland N. veitchiis. I tried growing another variety of lowland N. veitchii outdoors without success. Even my highland N. veitchiis slow down a lot in winter. Another grower suggested that the highland varieties do quite well as intermediates and can tolerate warmer than normal temperatures for highlanders. I'm growing this lowland N. veitchii as a bedroom plant and it has done well. It is a bit faster growing than its highland counterparts maybe due to the fact that temperatures are warmer. I've seen photos of N. veitchii wrapping its leaves around tree trunks and climbing up. There are many different variants of this species in both highland and lowland. Some of the best crosses use the highland striped variety. This species is a "classic" and should be a part of any Nepenthes collection. 

lowlander 55m-1200m

Cultivation: easy; slow to moderate grower, appears quicker than the highland variety
Market availability: size 2, 3, and larger plants; common to rare depending on color form
Species variability: many, clone a, b, c, etc. Hose Mountain, Bau Lowland, Bareo Highland, and locality names
$ / size: moderate to collector's plant;  $30.00 and up for larger plants and cuttings
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown