N. "Viking"
purchase date: 8 / 005
arrived as a size 3
plant origin: Sunbelle Exotics
photo taken:  10 / 05

Nepenthes "Viking" is a plant that has recently become available in 2005. I remember a lot of "buzz" over this new species when it was discovered in Thailand and subsequently being introduced into cultivation. At this time I don't know what the species status is. There is very limited information about this plant and it seems most of the talk is in Nepenthes forums. Some people think it is a species while others believe it my be a subspecies or variation on N. mirabilis. To me it kind of looks like a solid N. rafflesiana or closer to N. rowanae. I bought the plant from Sunbelle Exotics but I'm not sure where they got their plants from. I'm fairly sure they originated in Thailand. They informed me that there is some color variation among the plants. Some have deeper reds than others and the quality is nicer as well. I'm growing mine as a bedroom lowlander and it seems to be adjusting well. The leaves are somewhat papery but for some reason humidity hasn't been an issue with this plant. Sometimes I have trouble adapting lowlanders to household humidity and they stress a bit until they acclimate. N. Viking has done well so far. I haven't seen this plant readily available yet, but I have a feeling that it will be widely available in the near future from all of the talk about this plant. I'm curious to see the other color variations on this plant. 


Cultivation: moderate grower indoors so far; appears to tolerate lower humidity and stress than other lowlanders
Market availability: size 3; limited now, but may become more widely available
Species variability: some variation as to quality and color
$ / size: moderate to expensive; $45.00 and up for larger and better quality clones
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown