N. "Gothica"

Sunbelle Exotics is offering newly arrived Nepenthes "Gothica" from Exotica Plants for $20.00 / plant plus shipping. This is truly a great deal for a first time offer. Rumor has it that the parent plants may be N. sibuyanensis X maxima but the true parentage is still unknown. Plants offered are about 6"-8" across. The plant I received from Sunbelle was about 8" across. Nepenthes "Gothica" is an intermediate to highland growing Nepenthes that should be extremely hardy and vigorous. These horticultural hybrids that come from Exotica Plants that Sunbelle is offering are excellent starter Nepenthes because of their hardiness and adaptability to many different growing environments. I've seen larger hybrids of N. sibuyanensis x maxima that are stunning that look similar to N. Gothica. As with all Exotica Plants hybrids, they are tough and vigorous growers. Please Email Sunbelle Exotics for more information.

Example of a typical plant you'll receive. Plants are around 8" in diameter