N. "Marbled Dragon"


Sunbelle Exotics is offering well established Nepenthes "Marbled Dragons" for $20.00 / plant plus shipping. This is truly a great deal for this hybrid. Rumor has it that this hybrid is N. maxima X truncata but it isn't known for sure. Nepenthes "Marbled Dragon" has a some what ridged peristome with a red peristome and red flecking on the tube.There may be a few different clones available within this hybrid. I've seen some of the Marlbled Dragons that have darker peristomes and flecking. Marbled Dragons can be grown as a highlander or as an intermediate. It could be grown as a windowsill plant indoors provided there's ample light and make an excellent beginner's Nepenthes to start out with too. As with all Exotica Plants hybrids, they are tough and vigorous growers. These Black Dragons have been greenhouse hardened off and are well established. Plants available are approximately 10" across and have multiple pitchers on them. Email Sunbelle Exotics for more information.

Examples of typical plants you'll receive. Plants are around 10" in diameter or larger