N. X Red Beauty
purchase date: 03 / 08
arrived as a rooted cutting
plant origin: unsure
photo taken:  09 / 08

Nepenthes X Red Beauty is a hybrid between N. albomarginata and N. maxima I think. I'm not that familiar with the background of this hybrid. I received it from Sunbelle and they know much more about this Nepenthes than I can remember. The N. albomarginata is a species that I've tried to grow outdoors with my other highlanders without success. It just needs more warmth and humidity than I can provide. Also, there's not many hybrids currently available with N. albomarginata for some reason so I haven't had the opportunity to experiment with them outdoors. So far, this hybrid is pitchering for me with my other Nepenthes. It doesn't seem to mind direct sunlight and can tolerate my lower humidity growing conditions. Intermediate temperatures seem to be just fine, but it hasn't gone through winter yet. Winters are when my intermediates suffer the most. Most of them can tolerate mid 40's for periods of time. I have no idea how this hybrid will take one of my winters but I'm hoping that the N. maxima in it will help this hybrid adapt. 

intermediate - lowlander - highlander? (not a naturally occurring hybrid)

Cultivation: easy to moderate grower, similar to N. albomarginata, tolerates intermediate temperatures
Market availability: rooted cuttings; limited
Species variability: some variation from the original seed grown offerings I suspect, but not much
$ / size: moderate to expensive; $40.00 - $60.00
Cuttings: none available for trade
Sex: unknown