Vendors and Retailers

Many vendors buy their plants from the same growers. For example, Borneo Exotics, Malesiana Tropicals, Exotica Plants, and The Nepenthes Nursery to name a few. That's why many of the exact same Nepenthes are available at the same time from many different vendors. Some vendors will hold onto their Nepenthes for several months to see how the plants adjust from being shipped to them before offering these plants for resale. This minimizes the stress for the Nepenthes and allows the plants to readjust and become more viable. Other vendors may simply receive the plants, and then ship them directly to you, the buyer. This is ONE reason why prices may fluctuate from vendor to vendor. Some Nepenthes adjust fine, while others go into severe stress and die. I prefer to find a vendor who I can talk to personally about the plants I'm buying. This way I can ask questions about their growing conditions, hardiness, etc. Below are vendors whom I've personally purchased plants from. I highly recommend visiting their sites when looking for Nepenthes or other carnivorous plants as well. Developing a good relationship with your vendor is a key factor for ensuring your growing success with Nepenthes!


Par O Bek Orchids / Exotic Plants Plus
Tony Paroubek operates this retail site from New York. He grows and sells primarily Nepenthes, but has other carnivorous plants like Utricularia, Cephalotus, and flytraps as well. He ships his Nepenthes bare root in sphagnum moss. The plants are bundled with plenty of sphagnum moss around the roots inside zip-lock baggies so any damage is greatly reduced. He hardens off his plants for several months before he makes them available for sale to ensure quality. His Nepenthes are some of the best I've ever received! He's one of the few vendors that offers well established plants from Borneo Exotics, Exotica Plants, Malesiana Tropicals, and the Nepenthes Nursery. Tony is available for questions and ships weekly weather permitting. Tony has one of the widest selection of Nepenthes available in the US and his Nepenthes are very reasonably priced as well. They have recently started taking reservations for Nepenthes that aren't quite available yet. Tony responds to email very quickly.

The CP Jungle Nursery
Michael Catalani's business seems to be on hold as of February 2012. I haven't heard anything as to when he will import, if at all, again anytime in the near future. Normally when his business is in operation, he is importing from Borneo Exotics, Exotica Plants, and Malesiana Tropicals. Nepenthes can be pre-ordered for future arrival which includes many of the rarer Nepenthes Borneo Exotics offers as well as limited releases from Exotica Plants. Michael offers many different sizes of Nepenthes from smalls to rooted cuttings. He also has added a "sniping" list that allows a person to get a Nepenthes ahead of someone else if it should become available. Nepenthes are shipped bare-root in baggies with sphagnum moss covering the rootball. Plants arrive quickly and shipping is modest. Michael does reply to emails quickly.

Sunbelle Exotics
Located in South Florida, Sunbelle Exotics is a small specialty nursery offering mainly Nepenthes, Sarracenias, orchids, and other exotic plants. They have a private collection they periodically take cuttings from. They update their site when they receive new plants and / or have cuttings available so inquiry for their latest catalogue list if you're looking for certain plants. Michelle and Trent respond quickly to email. The plants I've purchased from them are shipped in baggies with the soil surrounding the rootball. They are great folks that take great pride in their plants. Often, they have plants available but not listed. So don't hesitate to email them. Trent and Michelle are some of the best people you'll ever deal with when talking or ordering Nepenthes. I can't say enough how valuable and kind they've been to me.

Pet Flytrap
Located in Texas, Mike Howlett imports Nepenthes from Borneo Exotics, Exotica Plants, and Malesiana Tropicals. They're increasing their stock which includes many of the latest releases from Borneo Exotics. Nepenthes are shipped potted and covered with plastic cups or big bags for the larger plants. Mike does respond to email and is available to answer questions as well. If any problems should occur, Mike will resolve them fairly. Pet Flytrap also carries other carnivorous plants like Sarracenia, Flytraps, sundews, and Pinguiculas. Shipping is quick and plants arrive in good shape. 

Cook's Carnivorous Plants
Dean Cook operates his site out of Oregon. Dean offers a wide variety of ALL types of carnivorous plants. Sarracenias, Drosera, Pinguiculas, Fly Traps, and more! The Nepenthes I buy from Dean are shipped in taped up zip-lock baggies bare root in moss or pots. He gives you a choice. Plants always arrive quickly and within the week. He responds quickly to email which is great! As of late, the inventory of Nepenthes has diminished but maybe will increase in the future. I have called him personally, and he's answered all of my questions personally.

Leilani Hapu'u Nursery (retail)
Located in Hawaii this nursery is producing their own hybrids, seed grown species, and rooted cuttings. Leilani's Nepenthes are being sold commercially through Jeremiah Harris in a partnership. Jeremiah also runs the Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society and is an excellent grower. Leilani's Nepenthes have always been good size and very vigorous and healthy upon arrival. And with Jeremiah's experience, there should be some very exciting Nepenthes becoming available soon.

Tristan's Carnivorous Plants
Kim and Barbara Magnuson operate their nursery out of Hawaii. The have a variety of Nepenthes, Sarracenias (American pitcher plants), and Droseras (sundews) that are available for sale. It appears that most of their Nepenthes are available from cuttings or extra plants. They have also started their own hybridizing and are developing some new seedlings that may be available sometime in the future. They provide a list of the Nepenthes they're growing and then you email them about what plants you're interested in. Lately they have had their offerings on Ebay of the cuttings for sale. Most of the cuttings for sale are large well established plants that are worth collecting. Some of them have been from Exotica hybrids no longer available. The plants I purchased were shipped in plastic bags with the rootball wrapped in foil. It looks like they use a peat / perlite mix for the Nepenthes. Their plants are very reasonably priced and shipped quickly. They've  responded to my emails right away and provided photos of the plants upon request. Really nice folks! Another one of my favorite nurseries to deal with!

Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society
Jeremiah Harris operates his nursery out of Colorado. He's the distributor for Leilani Hapu'u Nursery but sells plants separately from his own stock. Jeremiah offers a wide variety of carnivorous plants including Nepenthes, Venus flytraps, Sarracenia, Drosera, Pinguicula, and more! His Nepenthes are usually from cuttings and seed grown plants he's cultivated and are expertly grown. Plants are well hardened off and adapt quickly with minimal transplant shock. He ships bare root or in pots wrapped with generous amounts of plastic wrap. And I do mean generous! Plants arrive quickly without any shipping damage, too. Jeremiah responds very quick to emails and prices are very reasonable.

California Carnivores
Peter D'Amato is the grower and he operates his nursery out of Sebastopol just north of San Francisco. His retail nursery is open yearround for anyone that wants to visit. Peter is a legend in the carnivorous plant community with years of growing experience. I think I can personally blame California Carnivores for getting me addicted to Nepenthes! They have a great selection of just about every genus of carnivorous plants. Especially Sarracenias, Sundews, Ping's, and of course Venus Fly Traps. They are always willing to answer any questions. Peter's book "The Savage Garden" is must read for any CP enthusiast. They ship their plants in pots or bare root that are well protected with tape, lots of it, and cup covers to minimize damage and ship weekly as well. Some plants may not be listed on the website but available at their retail nursery. So ask for species availability if you are looking for something special.

The Nepenthes Nursery
Andreas Wistuba runs this nursery from Germany. He has a wide selection of Nepenthes species and Heliamphora and is well regarded as a leader of introducing new Nepenthes species into tissue culture. His Nepenthes are from tissue culture with only a few clones available for each species. Sometimes there's only 1 clone to choose from. Plants are small, size 1 and 2's, and not as well hardened off as other wholesaler's Nepenthes. At times, the Nepenthes Nursery is the first at introducing a new species into cultivation that isn't available from the other wholesalers. Plants are ordered from his website and then made available from his distributor in Georgia. Permits are not needed for import because his distributor takes care of that information. Usually new stock becomes available in spring for purchase. Arrival can take weeks to months depending on availability.

Black Jungle 
Located in Massachusetts this website offers Nepenthes, carnivorous plants, terrarium supplies, and much, much, more. They are a distributor for Borneo Exotics and others. They have a phone number on the website for ordering information. I have never spoken to the owners personally about growing techniques and / or questions. They do respond to email however. Plants are shipped in pots with their own soil mix which is currently a cedar mulch. Orders are quickly processed and shipped immediately.  I have only recently bought a few plants from them, but they arrived quickly and in good shape. If you order from Equilibrio, expect the identical plants, soil mix, and packaging. I believe Black Jungle and Equilibrio are under the same ownership. Prices were very reasonable but shipping was slightly higher than other vendors.

Lee's Botanical Gardens
Bruce Lee Bednar operates this nursery out of Florida. He sells a variety of carnivorous plants as well as Nepenthes. I've heard that he has released many cultivars / hybrids of Nepenthes commonly available all over the place. There's a list of hybrids and species available for sale that are mostly derived from cuttings. Most of the plants lean toward lowland to intermediate temperatures. Bruce responded to my emails and questions quickly and usually shipped out plants within a week or so.

Cascade Carnivores
Located in Washington, they have Nepenthes as well as many other varieties of carnivorous plants. It appears that they sell Nepenthes from Borneo Exotics primarily. Most of the Nepenthes are the small to medium offerings imported from Borneo Exotics. However, the plants may be bigger than what's listed on the website. The Nepenthes I purchased from Ron were well hardened and packed very well for shipping. He ships bare root with plenty of moist sphagnum to protect the roots during shipping. Ron responds quickly to emails and ships within the week of ordering.

Sarracenia Northwest or ""
Located in Oregon, they have Nepenthes as well as many other varieties of carnivorous plants. It appears that they sell Nepenthes from Borneo Exotics and some exclusive offerings from the Leilani Hapu'u Nursery in Hawaii. I have only purchased a few plants from them. The plants arrived quickly, healthy, and very well packed. They also responded quickly to my emails as well.

Native Exotics
Located in New York, Ryan mainly offers Nepenthes from Borneo Exotics. He is bringing in Nepenthes from Exotica Plants, Malesiana Tropicals, and Leilani Hapu'u Nursery as well. Most of  his sales are on Ebay although he does offer some Nepenthes from his webiste directly. Plants are hardened off before being made available for sale. At this time, I haven't purchased any plants from Native Exotics but that will change soon.

Located in Northern California Drew is importing from Exotica Plants and Borneo Exotics. As of March 2014 he's just getting started with his online sales and preordering. I've purchased plants from him in the past and his plants were well hardened and shipped carefully.

(Permits are generally needed to import into the U.S.)

Exotica Plants
Located in Australia, many retailers and collectors buy their plants from them in quantity or individually. They produce some of the best hybrids in the world as well as offering some species from seed or rooted cuttings from stock plants. Almost all of their plants are from seed and not tissue culture and that makes their Nepenthes unique and sought after. Exotica's plants are larger than most other imports, well hardened and established, and have very little shock from importation. Because of this, their plants tend to be more expensive than other wholesaler's Nepenthes. The upside is that their Nepenthes are generally "bulletproof" and acclimate very quickly eliminating plant loss. Since almost all of their plants are seed grown, their availability is fleeting. Remakes of their hybrids may not occur for years thus limiting specimens to rooted cuttings Exotica takes from their stock plants. Many of their hybrids end up on Ebay fetching very high prices. Their site is also an excellent source of Nepenthes photos and information.

Borneo Exotics  (pricelist)
Rob Cantley operates this nursery out of Borneo. Borneo Exotics has the widest variety of Nepenthes species of all the major wholesalers in the world and has recently been producing many different hybrid crosses as well.  The majority of BE's Nepenthes are from tissue culture or microprop. Some Nepenthes only have a few clones thus limiting the uniqueness of the plants. However, being able to produce Nepenthes this way allows for continual availability and lower cost to the grower or importer. BE does offer seed grown species and hybrids usually as "first run" Nepenthes before they make it into microprop. BE is definitely the world leader introducing new species of Nepenthes into cultivation. Most of the retailers in the US sell Borneo Exotics Nepenthes.

Malesiana Tropicals
Located in Malesiana, this distributor is mainly a wholesale operation. They offer mainly species and some hybrids that are tissue cultured. I don't think I've seen any seed grown Nepenthes available from them. Lately they've been offering more Nepenthes for wholesale than they had available in the past. Of the major wholesalers, Malesiana's plants seem to be the least available in the US.

Leilani Hapu'u Nursery 
Located in Hawaii this nursery is producing their own hybrids and other seed grown species as well as rooted cuttings.  Their plants are all from seed and not from tissue culture making every plant a unique specimen. Nepenthes are well hardened from the nursery and of good size compared to other wholesalers. Since they're located in the US, permits are not needed to import within the United States (See the retail section above). The nursery website has forums and plenty of other information about Nepenthes and Leilani's Nepenthes.


Other Vendors
(These are sites I have visited that deal with Nepenthes.  I have  little to no experience purchasing any of their plants.)

Predatory Plants
Joshua Brown operates this carnivorous website out of northern California. He's listed as a Borneo Exotics distributor and offers their Nepenthes and many other types of carnivorous plants.

Captive Exotics
Rod Kruger operates this nursery out of Australia. He has a nice selection of Nepenthes for retail. Only recently is he shipping to the US. He responds to email quickly as well. I use his site as a resource for photos and information. I haven't personally bought any plants from him yet.

Triffid Park
Located in Australia they have Nepenthes and a lot of Venus Fly Traps, Sarracenias, Sundews, Pinguiculas, and other carnivorous plants as well. They distribute to the US provided the buyer has appropriate import permits. I have never purchased any of their plants. Tony Paroubek (Exotic Plants Plus) and some other vendors buy and sell Triffid Park plants. or "Christian Klein"
Located in Europe, Christian Klein produces very nice hybrids and has Nepenthes unavailable in the U.S. I have never purchased or grown any of his Nepenthes but his plants do show up in the Nepenthes forums and are really nice. I don't know if he ships to the U.S. and what permits are necessary IF he does.

Located in France, Fabrice is selling Nepenthes from Borneo Exotics and doing some in vitro culture as well. He tells me that when he imports his plants, he hardens then off for a few months before making them available for purchase. Plants are shipped bareroot with sphagnum moss protecting the roots. I've never purchased any plants through Districarnivores so I have no opinion as to how well cared for his Nepenthes are.

Located in Thailand they sell Nepenthes and other plants as well. It appears they have a lot of lowlanders and offer Nepenthes from Malesiana Tropicals, Exotica Plants, and Borneo Exotics. They also have some of their own Nepenthes I haven't seen available from other wholesalers. I would imagine permits are needed to import into the US.

Hawaiian Botanicals
Located in Canada they have a wide variety of tropical plants as well as carnivores. Their Nepenthes are mostly from Borneo Exotics. I have never purchased any plants from them but their selection is pretty good. Permits may be needed to import into the US.


Best Carnivorous Plants
Located in Czech Republic they have a wide variety of carnivorous plants available. They do have some Nepenthes, probably Borneo Exotics plants, listed.


Bug Biting Plants
Located in New York they have a wide variety of carnivorous plants available with an emphasis more towards flytraps and other CPs. They do have some Nepenthes available.